Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Ombre Sparkles

I LOVE this!  So, I had done a frenchie mani, and got bored of it after three days.  Lucky me, this mani lasted a long time, so I tried a little something something.  It turned out great!  I love how this looks, and how easy it is to do. (:

What you Need:

  • Sparkly nail polish
  • Clear coat
  1. Coat your nail in the clear coat.
  2. When it dries, coat a little over 3/4 of the nail in a thin layer of nail polish.
  3. When that dries, coat 1/2 of your nail in a bit thicker amount of sparkles.
  4. When that dries, swipe your brush once across the bottom of your nail with a thick amount of polish.
Viola!  It looks so cute with my frenchie!  A good pointer for a little of 3/4 is to look at my tips.  Don't go over my tips. (: