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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dog Paw Nails

Dog Paw Nails

I do pinterest, and I love it.  I collect nail ideas there and teach you how to do one there.  Sometimes, when I am doing someone's nails, I pull up my pin board and let them choose a design they like.  Maybe I'll make a scrapbook of the nails that I've done.  Then, when I'm doing nails, I can show them all my nail art ideas.  Today I sat my sister down and did her nails.  She is sooo fidgety!  It's a real challenge, but I do out of love. <3

What You Need

  • Light pink or clear coat
  • Color of choice
  • Black nail art brush or black with toothpicks

How To

  1. Paint your nails with the clear/pink coat.  I opted for the pink because it looks nicer.
  2. Wait for it to dry and put on your tips with the color of choice.
  3. Here is where it gets hairy.  Make one large dot in the corner of your nail.
  4. Next paint four dots around the top of the large dot.


My sister's nails

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