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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Funky French Manicure

Funky Frenchie

For this one I did my mom's nails.  I used light colors because that is what she liked, but you can always go for something brighter and more interesting.  I would use a light light  pink or a clear coat for the base, but you can always do anything you like.  

What You Need

  • Two colors of your choice
  • Black or white nail art pen or toothpicks.

How To

  1. First you have to paint the nail with your base coat.  
  2. Let that dry, then paint on your tips.  Do it at an angle so it looks real funky.  Start at the base of the nail to the left and swoop to the right at an angle.
  3. Paint the dots on by dipping toothpicks in the polish bottle.  Toothpicks are actually a great choice for this because it will make straight forward dots.


My mom's nails

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