Thursday, January 17, 2013

Been Busy

I've Been Super Busy

    I've been super busy. It's like I turned into an express salon, spreading my polish joy. All of them below are done by me, for real. I've been running around painting like crazy. Thanks for looking, hope you like. (:

Monarch nails for my cousin, ombre style.

My nails tribal style.

Love bird nails on my mom.

Grandma's snakeskin.

Flower tips.

Cloud Manicure

Cloud Manicure

    Sorry guys, no tutorial for this one!  I didn't have time, unfortunately, so I just have pictures.  I painted on my favorite clear coat, then my Blue Away nail polish.  I then used a makeup sponge to apply then coral color.  (Expect that tutorial soon!)  After that, the details!  One thing I have to point out is the blue low lighting on the bottom of the clouds.  It for sure made it more realistic, and I would recommend taking that extra few minutes to paint that in.